Causes of Brazil's Independence


Among the factors that caused the Independence of Brazil we can highlight the crisis of the colonial system, the Enlightenment ideas and the independences that took place in English and Spanish America.

Furthermore, the Brazilian agrarian elite itself would benefit from a separation between Portugal and Brazil.

Main Causes:Summary

In Brazil, overcoming the colonial pact was of interest to the agrarian aristocracy, the colony's ruling class.

She saw in this the possibility of being definitively freed from metropolitan monopolies and from submission to Portuguese merchants.

The Inconfidência Mineira (1789) was one of the movements that attempted colonial freedom.

The region's development was hampered by the rigors of mercantile politics, which prevented any progress that would benefit the colony.

Among the precursor revolts of Brazilian independence, the Conjuração Baiana (1798) was the one that presented the most popular characteristics.

The population of Salvador, basically made up of slaves, blacks, free, mulattos, whites, poor and mestizos, lived in a situation of penury. Thus, they preached a society where there were no social differences.

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